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General Terms and Conditions

I have read and understand all the information provided within Fundación Escuela de Socorrismo y Primeros Auxilios (from now on EASPA' Foundation) "Student's Guide" specific to the course or seminar.

I understand that I must comply with the Student's Guide in order to participate in the course or seminar, and have the possibility of taking the exams. It describes how the course or seminar will be developed, the maximum number of hours I can be absent (for the on campus part), the necessary equipment (for the on campus part), the requirements to participate, and continuing in the course, etc.

I understand that I will be granted 7 days to access an watch the online PTSD Lecture or Seminar video. The money collaboration I made is valid for one ( 1 ) access for 5 days, and it cannot be extended. In case of wanting to watch it again, a new collaboration has to be done.

I am notified that the Hybrid courses or 100% online courses, require long hours of study to be able to make it through. For on campus courses or seminars, students are required to spent time studying on their own. I understand that not everyone passes the courses, and that this depends mostly on me.

I am notified that for the on campus courses or 100% online courses, these include virtual classes, online, which I am recommend to watch, in order to review previously studied topics.

In the case of on campus courses or 100% online courses, such as the Hybrid EMT, Hybrid Advanced EMT, I also understand that online exams and practical assignments will have to be completed, during specific dates. Failure to meet these deadlines can complicate the course.

For some courses, confidential information will be given to each student, to be able to access the virtual classroom and the online exams, which will stop working once the course is finished.

I understand that such information, including videos, can not be downloaded from the internet, nor shared with any person, and that doing so may mean a complete failure of the course and I may have legal problems by doing so.
I understand that, at the end of the course, I will not have any more access to the virtual platforms.

For Rescue in Water courses, SAN / WFR and some others, I will be given access to a digital version of the written guide. I understand that I can not download it, or share it with anyone.

I understand that Water or Snow and Avalanche Rescue courses depend on the water flow or snow conditions in order to perform correctly. Practical sessions are subject to the amount of water or snow in the area. EASPA's Foundation can not be responsible for changes or lack of flow or snow, during the course.

I am notified that participating in the course and having paid for it does not guarantee my certificate. I understand that I must devote time to study the material carefully, and pass the theoretical and practical exams in order to obtain the certificate.

I understand that once confirmed my spot and the date in which I will participate, I may not change the date. I understand that if I cannot participate, I will loose the payments I have done.

I understand that I must pay on the dates mentioned in the information sent to me by email, in order to keep my spot in the course or seminar. If I can't make it to the course or seminar, I loose my spot and the payments made.

For the courses that last several months, and are paid in installments, I understand that I must pay month to month, and that having participated in a month, I must pay all that month, even if I cancel the course .

I understand that the on campus courses, organized by the EASPA's Foundation, involve an activity that may involve certain risks.

I understand that for rescue courses, whether with ropes, on mountains, in swiftwater or snow and avalanches, I must have the mandatory equipment, or I will not be able to participate. If I do not have the mandatory equipment, I understand that I will not be able to participate in the course, nor will the money paid be returned to me.

I understand that for the TEM / EMT course I must have accident insurance to be able to participate in the clinical hours.

I understand that for the TEM-Advanced / Advanced EMT course I must have accident insurance for the entire duration of the course.

I understand that for the TEM-Advanced / Advanced EMT course I must have the TEM / EMT or TEM-B / EMT-B certificate, similar to that of the United States, to be able to participate. If I do not have this certificate, I will not be able to participate in the course even if I paid for it.

I understand that I must possess good physical and mental health, to be able to participate in the on campus courses.


I understand that for Snow and Avalanche, Wilderness Emergency Care or Rescue courses, it may be necessary to walk a few hours, in order to reach places where conditions are appropriate for the course.

I understand that all the didactic material used is by Tomás Walker and the EASPA Foundation, are protected under the copyright law. It is forbidden to reproduce, photocopy or distribute any material. It is also not allowed to use this material to offer lectures or trainings.

I authorize the EASPA's Foundation and / or Tomás Walker and / or representatives to use images of me, in any of its formats, as well as the use of my name wherever it appears, without asking for any reward. I understand that it is to be used to disseminate the public good activities of the EASPA Foundation.

I am notified that to participate in the clinical hourse for the TEM or Advanced TEM courses, it is mandatory to have a personal accident insurance that covers at least 30,000 pesos, less than that is not valid.

I am notified that to participate in the courses, it is recommended (and in some cases it is required) to have medical assistance and personal accident insurance, the course does not include it.

I am notified that I might be asked to send a picture ID to confirm my identity, to participate in any of the seminars or courses.

I have read again each of the items in this document and the "Student's Guide", I understand the contents of them and I agree accordingly.

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