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Building PTSD Resiliency and Prevention Online Seminar

EASPA´s Foundation

90 minutes that can change your life...

We cannot change the things we see in our work,

but we can change how we react to what we see






EMS, Fire, Health Care and Police are very stressful lines of work, and if we don’t start changing how we see ourselves or how we deal with our emotions, we are doomed.

Seminar information:

This 90 minutes seminar, offers a brand new perspective on how we should see ourselves in the line of work of Health Care, EMS, or Fire, to prevent high levels of frustration and stress.

We will talk about the different things we have learnt since we were kids and during our education in our line of work, that can lead us to addictions, depression, PTSD and suicide, and how we can start changing those things.

We will share some tools that will help you deal better with those high stressful situations and hence preventing high levels of frustration. 

We recommend you take notes during the lecture.


Was us$32. Now for a limited time offer, us$12.

This will give you access to the video for 7 days. After that time frame, you won't have any more access.


All this material is protected by Copyright laws and cannot be used. It has been registered in several countries.

Information to see the lecture online:

Step 1 - To sign up, you have to fill out the form found underneath and then proceed to pay. 


Step 2 - After filling out the form, you can go ahead and make the payment.


Once the form is completed and sent, and the payment confirmed, we will send you the information to login our website to be able to see the video.

If you want more information about us or this project, please click here.

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