Seminar Program - Building Resiliency and PTSD Prevention Seminar

(these topics may vary)


- PTSD Prevention?
- Why have we chosen this line of work?
- The Ego, from humanistic psychology, and how it affects us in a negative way.
- We will cover: 

     - The different ways people see themselves in this line of work and their expectations. Many of them

           can lead to PTSD.

     - Different things we learned from our parents, since childhood, that can lead to PTSD.
     - Many of the things we have been taught during our training, that can lead to PTSD.
     - Cold hearted, insensible, being tough… is this the way?
     - Tools to learn more positive ways to react to what we see.
     - How some teaching styles can lead to PTSD.
     - Several tools that will help us deal better with stressful situations.
     - How the interactions amongst our coworkers, can cause higher stressful situations.

     - Tools to help develop peer support.
     - How to identify PTSD and what is Post Traumatic Growth.


For the 6 hour seminars:
- We will cover / work:

     - More tools so that the participants can learn how to deal better with stressful situations.
     - On identifying how your line of work affects you.

     - Some tools so as to reduce the impact of stressful situations, on the body.
     - Some habit changes, so as to reduce the impact of stressful situations.

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